Beatnik West Town Weddings


April 20, 2023

Location: 1604 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

 Beautiful oversized chandeliers and huge Persian rugs are just two of the amazingly eclectic sights in Beatnik West Town. This amazing venue is an otherworldly sight in Chicago with exotic, whimsical, Moroccan-inspired charm.

Couple kissing at Beatnik West Town wedding ceremony under the chandelier

Highlights of Beatnik West Town Weddings

It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few highlights when the entirety of Beatnik West Town is so well put-together.

As soon as you walk into the venue, your eyes are pulled up towards the ceiling with huge oversized chandeliers and skylights that provide warm light against a rustic wooden ceiling. Then add in the intricately carved wood, gorgeous tiled tables, lush greenery surrounding the space, a faux-floral wall with fairy lights, long line of pillar candles that add a warm glow to the space, and of course a striking array of different Persian rugs, and you have yourself a venue, people! A gosh dang good one.

Not only does the venue have a flair for décor, but for history as well. As you walk through Beatnik West Town, there are several breathtaking antiques scattered around, including an enormous 40-foot wide by 10-foot-tall Carved teak Façade imported from Bali from 1900 or the Wrought Iron Wellhead from an Olive Grove in Spain from the 18th century. Nearly every piece in the venue tells a story.

This remarkable venue is truly best experienced in person.

Board of four hummus dips at Beatnik West Town, Chicago
Food at a Beatnik West Town Wedding

Venue Details

When booked for private events, this venue includes several desirable features. The venue is completely customizable for whatever your ceremony needs including divisible or combinable spaces, decorated spaces, and a DJ or personal music hookups. 

Cost of a wedding at Beatnik West Town

Private Buyout: Cocktail-style for 250+ people, or around 100-130 people seated– Starting price is $28,000, depending on the time/date/season. For more details, it’s best to contact the venue directly (and of course check out availability!)

Other non-private or semi-private weddings are available, but speeches, personal décor, personal, music, and dancing are not possible. These types of events are priced at $4000-$10,000, and a great option for people who have smaller budgets. Weekdays are a little better to try and avoid such large crowds and packed spaces.

Bar at Beatnik West Town
Bar at Beatnik West Town


Street parking is available.

Whether you pop in for just a bite to eat or rent out the whole venue for your event, you can’t go wrong. Every inch of this venue has something new and interesting for guests and the couple to be wowed by with each step into a new area.

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