chicago wedding photography

So yeah, it may cost you more money…
but it might just save you your peace of mind.

I want to know more!

What’s in it for you:


New locations for me means way more ideas to play with…so probably way more photos and extra time for you, too. Win, win!

Trust. Sure, you could hire two different photographers for engagement and wedding photos in different cities, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Once we work together for engagement photos, you know what to expect on the wedding day and can have full trust knowing what to expect.

My style isn’t one you come across every day, but it is the one you need when you want the California redwoods to look as lush and impressive as they are, the Caribbean Sea to look as turquoise as it did in real life (like so blue you have to say #nofilter), and the NYC taxis to be just as golden as your wedding ring.

Trust. I know I already said it, but seriously! Your flights are booked, ID is up to date, hotel is ready to go, dress is steamed, outfits are planned, dinners are reserved, and something still might go wrong. Don’t let it be your photos.